Review: Resident Evil 5 (PS3)

My recent PS3 game purchase has been Resident Evil 5. I play my PS3 with my boyfriend, so I mostly buy co-op games. I have to say RE5 rocks! The graphics are fantastic and the co-op play style is done really well. The little puzzles sprung upon you get you thinking. Killing zombies has never been so much fun. Gamespot gave this an 8.5 but I’m going to give it a 9.

Id like to see more co-op games come out on the PS3, I don’t understand why a lot of games have 2 player network co-op but not 2 player local co-op.


Hello Again World!

Well this is my third blog in as many years. I always seem to start afresh, perhaps it’s the Buddhist side in me embracing transience. My last domain hosting ran out and my last backup is a few months back. Due to our dismal Australian dollar my US based hosting package is going to cost me a pretty penny, so Ive decided to go with a free wordpress blog. I’m not sure how I’ll go not being able to upload ridiculous amounts of themes and tweak their CSS to my heart’s content but at least ive got a space to write… and it’s free!